Saccadic Eye Movement Simulator-200 Complete - INCLUDES TRAVEL ACCESSORIES

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SEMS-200 Complete

Included in the Kit:

EMDR Therapy Tool Kit

  • SEMS-200

  • TS-200

  • Remote control

  • AC power supply

  • Heavy duty tripod

  • Carry Case (Accessory)

  • Portable power supply (Accessory)

  • Portable compact tripod (Accessory/Substitute)

Saccadic Eye Movement Simulator

SEMS is a device used to simulate saccadic eye movements in EMDR Therapy.  SEMS consists of detachable optical arms and the central processor unit controlled by a Remote.  The central processor unit is powered by AC adapter and has outlets for tactile and audio signals synchronized with the lights. The EMDR Therapy Took Kit comes with all the component devices to simulate Saccadic Eye Movements (SEMS-200) synchronized with Tactile Stimulator (TS-200) and Audio stimulation through Head Phones. The device can be used as a stand-alone tactile/audio stimulator by detaching the optical arms from the central processor unit.



Our unique design simulates saccadic eye movements with least strain on the eyes permitting longer processing sessions

  • Detachable optical arms that slide into central processor unit

  • Interchangeable six colored light filters

  • Wider lighted target spots (1x1.5 inch) with different colors makes it easier to focus

  • Light, easily disassembled and portable

  • Operated by a handy remote control

  • Lifetime warranty on any production/material defects



Its shape and size makes it possible to hold the Tactile Stimulator in a clasp rather than having to clench it reducing the strain on the hand.  The TS can also be cradled in an open palm. Its water proof smooth surface makes it easy to disinfect with a wipe and hygienic to use client after client.  

  • Cylindrically shaped five-inch long and one-and-half inch wide

  • Made of cast aluminum with high quality engine

  • Durable high quality custom designed cable

  • Water proof with smooth surface

  • Soft and soothing tactile stimulation without jarring vibrations or noise

  • Lifetime Warranty



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Protocols. And Procedures.  The Guilford Press, NY


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    Excellent value for price

    Posted by Christopher Williams on 4th Jan 2020

    Very easy to set up.

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    Love it!

    Posted by Marcus V. on 10th Dec 2019

    I really love the product. Such a great buy!

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    Posted by Julz on 21st Nov 2019

    Giving this 5* because it exceeded my expectations!

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    A good purchase

    Posted by Kate on 21st Nov 2019

    Easy to use, easy to setup, overall I’m pleased.